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Discussion One: Modeling the Struggle of Writing

Planning a Study in Narration
Gallagher & Kittel, chapter 6

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Cutting: An Essential Revision Skill
Modeling the Struggle of Writing

One of the first articles I had published in an NCTE journal was titled A Framework for Choosing Topics for, with, and by Adolescent Writers.
Think about this along with Kelly Gallagher’s statement, ” The greatest writing teachers I’ve ever met were all people who wrote.” Do you agree? How do/can you write to your students, write with your students, and release your students (and yourself) to write independently?

Write around 3 paragraphs, APA format

Discussion Two, Informational Writing

Writing Next to an Infographic, chapter 7 Gallagher & Kittel, p. 174

Pablo Friere’s famous quote, that in order “to read the word, you must first be able to read the world” necessitates English teachers to teach their students how to read the world as it is presented in visual formats. Students receive a lot of information through infographics. As such, they need to be able to both deconstruct and question infographics, as well as create their own.

How do you use, or plan to use infographics in the unit you are developing? After watching the video, what are some long-term reading and writing applications Penny Kittel is teaching the students? Note on page 174 Gallagher and Kittel stress it is important to ask both what the infographic says, as well as what it does not say.

Write around 3 -4 paragraphs, APA format

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