critical reading paper

For this assignment you will write a 3-4-page critical reading response paper in which you compare and contrast two art historians’ interpretations of the same painting.

For your paper, you should read carefully the two scholarly articles provided about your chosen painting, paying close attention to each author’s argument about the artwork and the evidence used to support that argument. In the first paragraph of your essay you should briefly summarize the two authors’ theses (you should not re-state the entirety of their arguments) and characterize how the authors’ approaches to interpreting the painting differ, considering the types of evidence (e.g., visual analysis, primary source texts, secondary source texts) the authors use to arrive at their conclusions. In the following paragraphs (approximately 4–6 paragraphs), you should expand in greater detail the points outlined in the first paragraph (i.e., describe how the authors builds their arguments and the types of evidence are used to support each point). In your final paragraph, you should evaluate the two essays. Were you more convinced by one or the other? If so, why? Were there any questions or aspects of the artwork that were not addressed by the authors that might open up room for alternative interpretations? Be as specific as possible in your answers, and cite the articles (including page numbers and using either MLA or Chicago style) to support your claims. Be sure to consult the “Writing Resources” page on the course Canvas site for useful references and resources.

i will upload the painting and the two reading here, also i will upload all the requirement with one PDF file, please check it and also check the rubric to make sure that how we critical this paper.

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