the project that you will be doing is creating a quiz program by using easy and simple python language

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this project you will be creating a quiz program. Your program will ask the user 10 questions, evaluate the user’s response to each question, compute a quiz “score”, and provide the user with feedback about their quiz grade. Your quiz must contain at least one of each of the following four question types:

• short answer

• numerical answer

• multiple choice

• true/false

The answer the user gives to each question must contribute in some way to the final score. If the user enters an invalid response then they are informed what they did wrong and told to enter a new answer, repeating until they enter a valid answer. Then, depending on the score, the user will get one of at least four different results.

This project has a strong focus on input validation. Your program must not crash under any circumstances.

You must use functions on this assignment. At a minimum, each question will be its own function plus a function for the figuring out and displaying the final result . You may also choose to make your functions more general, for example making a single function work for all multiple choice questions.

Code Format

Appropriate splitting of code into functions


Variable names are descriptive and informative

Code has useful comments

if/elif/else are used appropriately


There is a program header with a description of the program and the author’s name

Loops used are of the correct type

Capitalization issues are properly handled


All other good coding practices (main function, not using break unless necessary, …)



At least one of each type of question is asked with appropriate validation

A total of 10 questions are asked and each contribute to the final score


There are at least 4 possible results and the result is determined from the user’s score (the score may never be shown to the user, but is used to select the final response)


The program gives clear directions and is pleasant to use

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