literature review effective use of student participation activities in social studies

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Chosen Topic:

  • Effective use of Student Participation Activities in Social Studies

General Overview

Please read the instructions and rubric for the Literature Review Presentation assignment BEFORE you sign-up for a topic. You will want to select a topic wisely so you will be able to identify 5 trends in your research. Following is a list of potential topics, however, these are only suggestions and you may submit the topic of your choice for approval. Examples: Using Literature to Teach Social Studies, Effective Testing Strategies in Social Studies, Alternative Assessment in Social Studies, Strategies for Teaching ESE Students in Social Studies, Strategies for Teaching ESOL Students in Social Studies, Effective use of Student Participation Activities in Social Studies, etc.

For this assignment, you will select a topic in the general area of social studies instruction in elementary education and examine accompanying literature related to that topic to identify the latest trends and issues. Ultimately, you will compile these results into a PowerPoint presentation of around 10 slides to identify these trends.

Learning Objective

You will develop a presentation identifying general trends in elementary social studies education associated with a set of articles in the content area.

Assignment Process

  1. Below is a list of topic possibilities. Submit your topic for instructor approval by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 1.
  2. Then, employ the use of Liberty’s Library Resources (online) to identify articles in that topic area.
  3. Begin classifying and compiling articles and sub-topics into groups of information for presentation (note 5 trends).
  4. You should have scanned some 30 articles in the process, which then need to be provided as part of this assignment in an attached bibliography list.
  5. The final product should be a PowerPoint presentation consisting of:
    1. A minimum of 10, but not to exceed 20 slides.
    2. 5 trends related to your topic (a paragraph or 2 on each trend).
    3. Identification of issues with the type of research and/or writing undertaken.
    4. Identification of gaps in the research by identifying areas for further research on the trend.
    5. A bibliography submitted as a Word document of about 30 articles in APA format.

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