federal reserve bank response to great recession

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The paper is

intended to demonstrate the student can perform the following:

Develop and clearly define their ideas through writing.

Ethically integrate sources of various kinds into their writing.

Compose texts through drafting, revising, and completing a finished


Express themselves through their writing by posing questions, making

original claims, and coherently structuring complex ideas.

Revise their writing for greater cogency and clarity.

Utilize adopted communication modes and documentation styles of

specific disciplines (MLA, APA, Chicago, CBE, etc.) For this paper, I

require the students to use the



The paper is due beginning of the class – Week 11 of instruction.

The subject of the paper is:

Explain the Federal Reserve Bank’s response to the “Great

Recession.” Did it work?

This is a large subject. I suggest you narrow your paper to one or two responses

and examine these more thoroughly, rather than a shotgun approach that tries to

examine all the Fed Responses. Note the Fed’s responses are related to the

material covered in the latter portion of the text. You should read ahead when

doing your research.

These are secondary research papers. Consequently, I expect to see at

minimum 10 sources. Acceptable sources include books, journals, periodicals,

and professional websites like the Federal Reserve Bank, and “White-Papers.”

Wikipedia, Bright-Bart, and the Huffington post are not acceptable.

All papers must include proper citations otherwise the material is plagiarized. I

expect that all students at this stage should have a good handle on footnoting

and creating a bibliography.

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