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Wk2/Discussion 1 – “Did you know?” Presentation

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This week you’ll be reading about planning and writing your business messages. Please look at the Did you Know? presentation video below. Why does this kind of presentation have power? When considering your own business messages, what kinds of techniques in the presentation could you use?

didyouknowPresentation__xid-580173_1.wmvClick to view undefined

If you have extra time, you might also want to look at a more recent examples:

Wk2/Discussion 2 – Wikis for Business, and Waiting to Edit

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This week you learned a bit about ‘wikis’. These are still fairly new concepts to most of us, and are just starting to be used in business. Please watch the following video, then go below for the rest of your Discussion assignment:

Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Step 1: Update our Wiki. After watching the above video, and based on your text readings, think about we can we use Wikis in a business environment. Go to our Wiki Page, Week 2 Wiki (click on the blue link to access). Add another number to include your ideas, add to someone else’s number . . . just add one or two things so that everyone has the opportunity to jump in!

Step 2: Return here for Discussion. In your reply to this discussion question, please discuss these questions . . . How was your experience modifying the Wiki? Have you done this before? If so, share how you have used it in a business and/or non-business setting. Do you think Wikis will become more, or less, popular as more people know how to use them? Now consider your book readings, and the importance of letting a first draft “age” for a while before you begin the editing process. How could wikis be a positive or negative to letting things age? Please share an example of when ‘aging a draft’ has worked well for you, or when you should have aged your draft and didn’t.

Wk2/Discussion 3 – Affirmative Action versus Diversity Appreciation

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As a followup to last week’s cultural issues discussions, let’s expand a bit further to discuss Affirmative Action. Many businesses use Affirmative Action laws to implement (real or perceived) “quotas” for diversity. This can have both a positive and negative effect on the other personnel in the company. Please discuss the positive and negative sides of affirmative action. Also, do you think there is a difference between Affirmative Action and Diversity Appreciation? If so, please explain your answer. As always, the sharing of your personal experiences is appreciated.

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