operation management excel and writing 3 pages

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Assignment 1: Personal Professional Career 10 Year Plan Gantt Chart.

  1. Go online to find what is a typical salary (or salary range) for a person who holds the title of COO Chief Operations Officer or VP of Operations (or related job title).
  2. Review the pdf 2018 Salary Reports placed on Blackboard on different career fields and career ladders to move up in rank and job title/responsibility/salary. ( attached below )

Turn in an Excel spreadsheet via Blackboard with all three numbered items below completed:

  1. List the salary (or salary range) you located in your search for a typical COO or VP of Operations position.
  2. List (no need to elaborate beyond a sentence each) three things that you learned about careers in operations management that you did not know before you did this assignment.

3. Prepare a Gantt Chart (using Excel is fine or if you have access to Microsoft Project or some other project management software you can use that instead of Excel). The Gantt Chart will be a ten year career plan showing where you plan to be in 10 years (industry or firm/job title/salary; your ten year end target position does not have to be a COO or operations management). Identify 10 or more tasks that will be required for you to reach your 10 year out target. At the bottom of the Gantt chart explain each task (and have specific salaries identified with job titles and specific costs associated with activities such as tuition costs for further education/advanced degrees) in about a sentence for each task as the Excel task description column will limit you to just a few words. Even if you plan to be an entrepreneur or retired by then in 10 years, explain the tasks that will be required to get there.

Assignment 2: Operations Management Tool Application Reflection Write-up

Individually review the tools, concepts, and theories presented in this class and prepare a word doc format write-up in no more than 3 pages single spaced where you discuss which course tools, concepts, and ideas you see as having the greatest relevance and application to your current personal/professional responsibilities, current employment or future employment positions or entrepreneurial aspirations if you plan to be self-employed in a business venture.

The goal is to provide you with relevant tools, concepts, and approaches that will add value in the following ways:

  • Many students also see creative transfer of the course ideas to increase their own professional and personal efficiency and effectiveness with tasks.

The following are offered as illustrations of what some individuals have described as benefits from using course ideas and tools:

Keeping focused on the bottom line will help you organize this part of the business plan; think of the operating plan as an outline of the capital and expense requirements your business will need to operate from day to day.

Professional and Personal Efficiency: Many individuals described how they were able to increase their output by more productive use of resources such as time, space, capital. Some individuals mentioned how they now develop Gantt charts or PERT approaches to plan tasks and projects. As an example use of PERT diagramming, students mentioned writing “to do” tasks to plan for a trip abroad or to prepare for final exam week; students would write their tasks to be done on small post-it notes and they move the post-it notes around to see PERT sequencing and what could be multitasked at the same time. Individuals have emailed me after the semester that they were able to increase the units that they were able to take in a semester and individuals mentioned that by multitasking activities for their career progress they were able to achieve their goals ahead of their original plans.


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