unit 2 disc 2

Study of the Family in Later Life

The need for high-quality applied research on the family in later life escalates as the population ages and we seek solutions to many related social issues. The main challenge for the human service and public service leader is to identify the problems and issues of the family in later life. One way to accomplish this is to use the multidisciplinary approach of gathering information, synthesizing and analyzing the information, making recommendations based on the information, and developing a plan of action based on the recommendations.

Using the topical essay on page 51 of your textbook, “Ironies of Crime: Silver-Haired Victims and Criminals,” discuss the following:

  1. How does this essay use the multidisciplinary approach? Was the information based on the four steps?
  2. How does this essay tell us more about the family in later life?
  3. What would your role be as a human service and public service leader when learning more about the family in later life?

Support your position with scholarly and professional research from the current literature.

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