find a legal issues in sport and fitness management 1

you dont have to wirte a paper, just write a little about the topic, the most important is find a good article

you wil be follow the instructions state that you are to (a) tell me in a few words what topic you are interested in and (b) upload a researched article or case in PDF form that corresponds to that topic, meaning that you have already done some research on your own.

  • Typing directly into the textbox, tell me what topic involving legal issues in sport and fitness management you would like to write your final research paper on. Prior to seeking approval, you must do some research to determine the appropriateness of your topic (e.g., Are there cases on your proposed topic? Are there enough articles? Is your topic too broad?).
  • You must upload, as an attachment, one article or case that you have already researched on your topic of choice.
    • The article must be a peer-reviewed article (e.g., from a scholarly journal)
    • NO websites, newspaper articles, or blogs!
  • Please identify your top choice as well as a secondary one in case there is an issue with your top one.

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