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Unit 5 Discussion: Quality Improvement

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By now, you have identified a problem (or two, or twelve), uncovered the root cause(s), collected some data, researched some solutions and maybe even implemented some of these solutions and seeing wonderful results…. So, you are done! Right? More like not even close to done. Quality Improvement is a cycle. It is about constantly analyzing your environment, recognizing concerns and issues and taking action when needed. Please watch the following video on Quality Improvement.

For this discussion, we are going to use your course projects as a vehicle to discuss continuous quality improvement.

First, post a summary of your course project. Please include the following:

  1. Your workplace problem
  2. A brief summary of the state when you started, where you want to be
  3. Explain what the root cause(s) was(were)
  4. The solution(s) you pursued in your research
  5. The outcomes (or projected outcomes)

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