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Marketing Eras (Individual assignment):

Please prepare by reviewing my lessons on “Marketing & Sales Eras/Orientations.”

Video Lesson Part 1 (~17 min)

Video Lesson Part 2 (~19 min)

Link to slides

Review Grundey’s (2010) The Marketing Philosophy and p.6 Fig 1.2 and p.30-31 Table 2.1 on the eras/orientations.


List, define, and share applied examples of the marketing eras or orientations.

In a few paragraphs, please explain how the periodization of these eras could be understand as an evolution of marketing thought. What are the key themes of change throughout the eras?

How does your understanding of this evolution affect your practice of marketing/sales?

(Please do not discuss technological change, as that is well-understood.)

Please provide a basic APA-type reference list of 2+ sources (include your text).

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