war affect on civilians and soldiers

how does war affect on civilian and soldier’s sense of normalcy, personal identity, and morality? <——- ESSAY QUESTION

we have read several stories and essays that explore the ways that war can alter both the civilian and soldier’s sense of normalcy, personal identity and morality. For this essay you will have the freedom to pick your own specific focus within the general concept of war and wartime issues. (the way that war time conditions influence people’s moral standards and psychological processes)<- this is my topic for the essay.

One of the most important things to remember is that the argument must address all parts of the prompt throughout the body of the essay. Support each of your assertions with relevant evidence from 2 texts (at least 3 quotes from each piece of writing, for a total of 6 quotes). Your objective is to synthesize your evidence around your theme and to present it in a logical way. Synthesis is not a summary or review, but rather an integration of your sources to help support your argument.

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