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Family in Later Life Interviews

Taking into account the current perspectives and issues of families in later life, the framework of the multidisciplinary approach allows the human service and public service leader to take the necessary steps to gather information, analyze the information, develop recommendations, and create a plan of action.

For this assignment, focus on the first step of the multidisciplinary approach by gathering information to develop a series of questions you will use to interview three families in later life of different ages, lifestyles, and cultures.

Complete the following:

  1. Create 10–15 interview questions that investigate the sociological, physiological, psychological, and cultural aspects of the family in later life. Each response to the interview questions should provide you with information for a comparison of the similarities and differences of the families you interview; you will report the results of the interviews in your assignment in Unit 5. Use the scenario in the Riverbend City simulation you viewed in Unit 2 and your course readings as a guide for possible questions.
  2. Use the questions you created to interview families in later life. Your three families should be of diverse ages, lifestyles, and cultures. You may conduct the interviews in person, over the telephone, or via virtual connections such as FaceTime or Skype.
  3. Write and submit an assignment that includes the following:
    • Describe the demographics of the three families you interviewed, including race, ethnicity, social class, functional ability, gender, age, sexual orientation, family/community support systems, retirement, and end-of-life perspectives. For privacy reasons, please do not use the real names of family members you interviewed.
    • List the 10–15 interview questions you created.
    • For each question, briefly explain what information you hoped the question would provide and why you phrased the question as you did.

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