1500words eportfolio report

Assessment 3

ePortfolio containing the following artefacts: (1500 words)

  • your personal and original definition of the term professionalism,
  • an assessment of SFIA skills, both specialist and generic, that you(Viraj Kothalawala) believe are required to produce
  • Statements of Work for Assessment 2(it’s the previous assignment which I gave to you. That two member group assignment. Anyway I have uploaded that assignment 2), and

  • an assessment of your current personal SFIA skills, both generic and specialist, with evidence to
  • support that assessment.

  • a personal (in that previous assessment take the Name “Viraj Kothalawala”. That’s me. So please work on this one related to the skills of me) reflection of the work undertaken for Assessment 2.

    Please note the assignment should be relavant to what they asking and I have uploaded the previous assignment 2 and in that I`m the name with VIraj Kothalawala. So do the work according to me please. You can take any assumptions on behalf of me. This is a turnitin upload, So make sure about the similirity please. And have a look on the assignment rubric as well. 1500 words with more than 5 references please (harvard style)

    Thank you

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