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to ensure that everyone makes an equal contribution to their team-teach project, and to hold each of you accountable to one another, you will be completing self and peer reviews of your collaboration.


After you implement/facilitate your team-teach session, you have three days to complete and submit a self and peer review of your group’s collaboration. Copy and paste the rubric . into a new Google Document, fill out the rubrics, and then submit the URL to your completed rubrics to this assignment page.

Other Information:

  • The rubrics are anonymous (meaning your team members will not know the score or feedback you provided to me).
  • Once I have calculated your scores (based on a mean average from your team members rubrics), I will insert that score in this assignment page. The team-teach is worth up to 50 points.
  • If you implement the feedback I provided you in your lesson plan draft within the build-out of your module, and you got less than 30 points, I will go back and adjust the grade to provide your team with the full amount of possible points (i.e., 30).…

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