science assignment 7

Bloch, M., & Corum, J. (n.d.). Changing forests. Retrieved from

You will first see a world map. Give it a general look to gain your coordinates and to see the locations where intact, relatively undisturbed forests and fragmented forests occur.

1.despite having only 5% of the world’s forest cover, which nation is effectively fighting desert encroachment by planting huge numbers of trees?

Kazakhstan, Mongolia, India , China.

2.What two temperate areas of the world are seeing forest regrowth?

Australia and north america, Europe and Asia, Australia and Asia, North America and Europe

3. Which region is losing an estimated 10 million acres of forest year?

South America, North America, Asia, Australia

4. What is the major natural factor that is causing deforestation in western North America?

Fire, logging, mountain pine beetle infestation, Excess rainfall

5. Where in Europe is forest loss the greatest?

Italy,swede, Spain, France

6. Since 2000 forest fires and extended drought have significantly impacted forests in which country?

Canada, Australia, USA , Congo

7. Using data from the New York Times Changing Forest website, briefly explain how forests are impacted by climate change and how forests themselves may offset aspects of climate change. Be specific in your examples.

Your response should be at least 100 words in length.

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