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Readings Due:

Questions to Answer:

  1. What is “cultural tracking”? How does Marx’s theory of capitalism relate to Valenzuela’s discussion of “cultural tracking”? Do you think “cultural tracking” is fair? If not, why? Please provide personal experience if possible.
  2. Drawing from Lee’s Chapter, how is it that a model minority can be both appreciated and alienated? What purpose does this serve, and why is it that Asians fit into the model minority stereotype, while blacks are excluded?
  3. According to Chang’s article, What are some challenges undocumented students face? How do these challenges differ among racial groups?
  4. In Valenzuela’s study, she mentions the idea of “the college track”. How does the performance of those on the college track differ from non-college seeking students” How does this support Marx’s concept of the “justification of inequality”?
  5. From Valenzuela’s “Subtractive Schooling” piece, who has the ability to understand the dual frame of reference? What does this allow them to do?…

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