globalisation question

Essay title: Globalisation has increased the complexity of managing people in the 21st century. Briefly summarise why this is and, where possible, illustrate your answer with real world examples.

Suggested reading: You will find relevant journal articles in:
Journal of International Management
Journal of Management
Ashleigh, M. and Mansi, A. (2012) The psychology of people in organisations. Harlow: Pearson UK. Brewster, C., Houldsworth, E., Sparrow, P. and Vernon, G. (2011) International human resource management. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Meyer, E., Ashleigh M.J., Jones, G.R., and George J.M., (2007) Contemporary management, European ed. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill Publishing.

Main body (maybe, three paragraphs, two paragraphs have two reasons or understanding, and the last gives real example.)

180484. 500words

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