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Please submit a news article that is relevant to some aspect of information security and also provide your opinion of the article.

you need to write your opinion in more then 150 words and less than 200 words. you need to provide the link of the article as well.

Please do not use big words when writing your opinion and please do not use the same words that use in the article., thanks

i will be posting two other student articles and i need comment for them too please,

please also use normal and not big words in the writing. it is just a discussion


Also please make make comment for these two students: something like you like their post and s short comments for each one.

here are the students posts: Student one : (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In the past few weeks, I remember many of us in the class posting about how Facebook and Google+ had had data breaches. This article mentions those incidents but also mainly focuses on the data breach of ANOTHER major internet company: Tumblr. Apparently through the Recommended Blogs feature, one could potentially obtain details about a blog, such as email address, password, and last login IP address. Although it WAS patched, the reason this is noteworthy is because, as the article mentions, this is yet again another major social media that has been vulnerable to attacks. I guess it’s just a lesson for us to be careful about what we publicize online.”

Student two: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

I’ve managed to find yet another article on bitcoin!! So a recent patch came out to stop miners from being hit with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A result of this aggression, the entire block chain would be brought down. Basically, people could no longer mine bitcoin. It would take miners 12.5 bitcoin (about $80,000) worth of mining in order to overcome the DDOS attack. They would not only lose out on possible profit, but also need to pay for the electricity their mining rigs are consuming while dealing the with DDOS. Too bad the Secret Service won’t intervene to protect bitcoin miners. “

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