discussion 1 making thinking visable

Discussion 1: Making Thinking Visable

Part 1: Write 3-4 paragraphs in APA format

In “Making Things Visible”, Tovani asks a student what her purpose is in the reading of an assigned book. The student replies, “To ask a question.” In another part of the video Tovani discusses the importance of teaching students to ask questions while they are reading (12.36) different, but just as important as questioning the text/author.

  • We hear a lot about inquiry-based teaching and learning. How is inquiry demonstrated in the video?
  • What techniques do you use or can you use in the future to get students to think more extensively?

Note: There is an old phrase, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” This video is from 2000 and you will notice some items that are foreign to today’s classrooms (such as an overhead projector). The strategies Tovani discusses are grounded in sound pedagogy and classroom-based research. Because of this, the sticky note assignment can easily be modified to be done on a Chromebook, as can most of the other strategies she discusses.

***for this video, you will need to login into my course to view it, I will send you the login info.

Part 2: Respond to each student’s post with at least one paragraph (attached in word doc). Do you agree or disagree? Why? Do you have similar thoughts? Do you have suggestions for them and/or me?

Background on myself, I am in the residency program so I am observing, co teaching, and student teaching with an English teacher in 10th grade. NYS. All of that is referred to as the residency program if that needs to be brought up. If you have other questions…please ask.

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