discussion questions response to 2 students with at least 200 words and 2 scholarly sources

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Respond to each student with at least 200 words

Student 1

Johnson, Lashall, posted 10/31/2018 06:14 PM CDT

With people getting terminated for unexpected reasons or not getting paid for all of their work, they are looking for people to help them.Many join the unions with their company or organization to have a sense of security. Unions are know to fight for there people.Many times people join the union to make sure their benefits and pay are secure. Unions and managements of companies have goals.that are similar and that may at times conflict.These goals provide direction and serve as the basis for the organization’s strategies, plans or organizational structure (Walsh, 2016).Both the company and union want the company to survive and remain competitive. union agreement with this goal is logical because the employees would lose their jobs and the union would not survive without the company. (Walsh, 2016).Likewise, the union wants to survive as the representative of the employees of the company and will take steps to retain this designation.Although unions prospered in the Fordist era when work was regularized, they argue that given the growth of precarious work in the fissured workplace—especially for low-wage workers, immigrants, and workers of color—we need a new kind of workers’ movement to address these fundamental changes (Juravich,2018)Furthermore, they suggest that unions have continued to isolate themselves from the larger fights for workers’ rights, by focusing almost exclusively on collective bargaining, as it is narrowly constrained in the United States.Many people choose not to joint the union.(Juravich, 2018)Now that the vast majority of American workers are not union members, the centrality of collective bargaining for the few has raised serious concerns about the relevance of the union model( Juravich,2018).People want to make sure they have job security..

Student 2

Richardson, Gwendolyn,

One of the most important decisions that leaders can make is hiring the right employee. Employees are assets that definitely increase in value over time. Whether it is fulfilling a new staff position or choosing an employee for an inside position, Andrica (1995) stated that you must place the candidate in the role that possesses the best characteristics to be successful. Choosing a candidate that does not have the characteristics will cause major issues in the end. When an employer has to terminate an employee, it is an excoriating process because they do not see eye to eye and can not effectively communicate with one another (Zins, 2012). If the company has a union, it makes the process to discipline or terminate a poor performer much more difficult. Some common perceptions in managing union employees are that poor performance is a standard, the grievance process is lengthy and costly and not all employees are treated the same. In the beginning, unions were formed to make sure that the employees protected from what was considered bad management. Unions helped to ensure job security by negotiating work procedures for performing jobs (Hollings, Jennings, & Wolters, 2012) and making sure that a just cause is noted in the union contract to make sure that the employee actually failed to meet the standard, follow the process, or broke a rule for discipline or termination.

There are some steps that can be taken to effectively manage the performance of union workers. The employer should make sure that everyone understands the collective bargaining agreement which includes a grievance process and arbitration (Berzon, 2009). It is important that the HR team and supervisors understand the agreement and what is expected from both sides. It will make sure that just cause is found for the discussion on poor performance. Also, documentation is key to the process. Always document what is not being met and make sure the facts are presented; not personal opinions (Messmer, 2003). Do not allow too much time to pass after the incident occurs before speaking with the employee. Furthermore, the employee has the right to request a union representative if he can possibly be disciplined or terminated for poor performance. These are a few steps that employers could follow to effectively manage performance.


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