week 3 discussion communication 1

Netiquette” Please respond to the following:

  • Netiquette refers to the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet. Here is an example for you to evaluate this week in our discussion:
    • Your co-worker, Kevin, sent an email telling your supervisor that you were not doing your part on a project. He also sent you an email filled with insults and profanity about your work ethic and performance.
    • How do you respond to Kevin in a professional way? Do you:
      • Share your concerns with Kevin in front of everyone in the break room
      • Avoid speaking to him all together
      • Ask to meet with him privately and explain how it makes you feel
    • Provide an explanation of your choice.

Provide Response to:

Hello everyone !

In this situation, the choice that I would choose is ask to speak with him in private. In the meeting that I set up with Kevin, I would first ask him why he felt this way. Secondly, ask what can I do to make things better between us so we can have a better relationship to be able to get our work done as a team. Lastly, I would express my concerns to Kevin and let him know that if he ever feel a certain way about me or feel like I’m not doing my part, he can come to me. I’m a person who can accept feedback weather its positive or negative because that is what makes us better at what we do. Expressing concerns about a team mate is acceptable because its apart of the job. Its a way that you do everything especially when it comes to a professional environment, things should always be handled in a respectful manner.

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