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Textbook Pg # 1709-1775


For this discussion, write about one of the following topics:

  1. How does the play depict Willy Loman’s mental processes, the inside of his mind? What devices are used to achieve such an effect (e.g., set changes, flashbacks, imaginary dialogue, imaginary characters, etc.)? Cite specific examples and what effects they have on the play.
  2. How does Willy’s innate sense of excessive pride (hubris) manifest in the play? Cite specific examples.


  • Your original post must be at least 400 words.
  • You should be specific and reference details from the text for your answer.
  • Your post must demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
  • You must use full sentences and proper grammar.
  • Remember that you are writing an objective analysis, not a personal opinion or review. To that end, you should be using the third person.

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