define terms and some easy question in 1 5 hours needed

Definitions and Applications In Teaching and Coaching Setting

As it pertains to leadership theory, define the following two terms:


Initiating structure-

Give me an example of what this look like as it relates to teaching and/or coaching?

List and describe the 3 styles associated with coaching.

What does it mean to lead ethically? Give me an example of what this will look like if you are the coach of a college sports program.

As it pertains to coaches influencing their players especially in a practice situation, what is an important goal of coaches?

Define operant conditioning. How might this look in a classroom or practice situation?

As it pertains to operant conditioning, what does ABC stand for?

Also, give an example of operant conditioning by giving me a scenario and defining A/B/C.

Define stimulus control. Give an example of a behavior under stimulus control. How can you use this in a teaching/learning environment (e.g., physical education teacher to students or coach to players)?

What are some effective reinforcers for a team?

What is unique about reinforcers when a coach is dealing with a team of players?

Explain shaping as it pertains to behaviors. Give me an example of how a teacher/coach might use shaping with students/players.

Explain the concept of a mastery (task) oriented motivational climate.

Explain the concept of an ego oriented motivational climate.

Explain the difference between knowledge of results and knowledge of performance

What are behavioral patterns? What are some steps that teachers/coaches can take to alter

negative or unproductive behavioral patterns?

What is the relationship between self-efficacy and motor skill acquisition? How can this information help teachers/coaches?

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