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The impression of professional accountability as is pertains to nursing is detailed in Dynamic in nursing, nurses have the responsibility to engage in lifelong learning, whether it be continuing education obtaining a higher degree in nursing, reading nursing journals, or staying afloat on current political topics in healthcare. “Education helps nurses advance quality care and health promotion. Learning empowers the nurse and enhances credibility with the public, peers, and other disciplines” (Green, 2018).

Another professional liability topic is avoidance of negligence. As defined by Dynamics in nursing, negligence is the act of “Careless or improper behavior that results in damage” (Green, 2018). When a nurse does something wrong or omits care, both are considered negligent behavior, causing harm to a patient.

Demonstration of professionalism by a nurse can be noticed when the nurse maintains patient confidentiality. A nurse can be fined and face jail time if she/he violates the federal HIPPA law. A few specific rules outlined by Green in dynamics in nursing are do not share information with coworkers not related to the patient’s care, keep written information, such as charts, out of public view, and release information only with written authorization by the patient or legal guardian (Green, 2018).

In conclusion the nurse must follow guidelines brought forth by nursing organizations to remain professional. By doing so allows for positive outcomes for patient’s and family members, improves society’s view of the healthcare community and maintains the devotion to the nursing profession.


Green, S. (2018). Dynamics in Nursing: Art and Science of Professional Practice. Advancing Professional Standards. Retrieved from https://lc.gcumedia.com/nrs430v/dynamics-in- nursing-art-and-science-of-professional-practice/v1.1/#/chapter/4

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