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BE 421 Discussion on Motor disorders/Rehabilitation

Each team of selects one paper on the topic of motor disorders or physical rehabilitation. The

paper should be a recent original experimental study (not a review paper) from a peer-reviewed

journal published between 2010 – 2018. The paper must be emailed to me at least 3 days prior to

the scheduled in-class discussion to allow time for distribution of the paper to the rest of the

class. All students in the team must read their paper individually first, and then meet with their

teammates to prepare for the in-class discussion.

On the scheduled day, the team will lead a class discussion on their paper. The class discussion

should begin with the team providing a brief (5 min) summary of the paper. It should then

develop into a discussion led by the team based on a list of at least 10 discussion questions the

team prepares in advance. The goal of the discussion is for the students to do most of the

talking. Some points to consider when reviewing your paper and preparing stimulating

discussion questions are:

  • Abstract: Does the abstract reflect the content of the article?
  • Introduction: Does the Introduction describe what the authors hoped to achieve
  • accurately and clearly state the problem being investigated? Is the hypothesis stated?

  • Graphs/Tables: Are the graphs and tables necessary? Do they describe the data
  • accurately? Are they easy to interpret? Are the captions useful?

  • Method: Does the Method section accurately explain how the data were collected? Is the
  • experimental design suitable for the research question? Is the planned analysis


  • Results: Are the results clear and in a logical sequence? Interpretation of results should
  • not be in this section.

  • Conclusion/Discussion: Are claims in this section supported by the results? Are the
  • conclusions reasonable? Do the authors relate findings to earlier research? Do the

    conclusions advance scientific knowledge?

    Grades will be given according to the following criteria (10 points):

  • List of at least 10 questions (0.5 for each question with a maximum of 5 possible points)
  • Participation in your own team’s discussion … every member of the team should talk (3
  • points)

  • Participation in your classmates’ discussion of their papers (2 points)
  • Graduate Students

    Graduate students will additionally submit a written review of the paper their team has chosen.

    It should be at least 1 page, single-spaced, 12-point font. Is should include two sections. In the

    first section, summarize the article in your own words and in paragraph form. In the second

    section give me your impression of the article, and specific comments and suggestions you

    would give the authors to improve their paper. This format for this section can be bullet point.

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