review the strategy questions for organizing your argument essay in chapter 5 and write 1000 word response

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For strong papers, be sure to include an introduction that has a clear focus with background information on the topic and an argument sentence that includes (1) the title of two of the readings in the chapter and (2) specific claims that can be supported with evidence. Lead into your argument by providing some background information or details that narrow the focus to your claims. For background information for this academic paper, use articles from the university library databases (collections of articles).

Body paragraphs should each have a structural main idea statement that connects to one of the claims given in the argument sentence. Following that structural element, provide specific evidence (not personal opinions) and follow each piece of evidence with your own words to interpret and to connect the evidence to your argument.

The conclusion should be based on evidence presented within the argument essay.

Be sure to use MLA documentation standards, to use third person objective consistently (omitting references to yourself with “I” or the reader of your paper as “you,” and to edit carefully for spelling, complete sentences, and continuity of focus.

Chapter Activity #2 at the end of Chapter 7.

Judging others is human nature. Some of us may practice fighting the urge to be judgmental more than others, but it is a very active battle. (This part of the writing assignment is not the topic. It is some general statements to approach the analysis for your next argument essay. This is to begin the thinking process of an approach to use on the literature assigned this week.)

What lessons can you argue the characters from “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Young Goodman Brown” teach readers on the dangers of being judgmental? (Here the assignment, which is a comparison argument, focuses on two specific readings from the module. In an argument sentence, both of the titles should be included, and the claims that are made must pertain to both readings. The theme is generally focused on faulty human judgments. Characters may be racists or may jump to conclusions based on faulty information to form their judgments. Decide on your own approach on human judgment. You might notice that both stories use foreshadowing and symbolic objects and events that represent important concepts that you can use. )

(This writing assignment description does not specifically point to research, but it is always wise to provide evidence from reliable sources in your academic writing.)

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