summarize the 3 attachment styles secure avoidant and ambivalent anxious discussed in the video 3 paragraphs

Review the link provided below of a You Tube video regarding child attachment styles and adulthood.

2) Summarize the 3 Attachment Styles (Secure, Avoidant, and Ambivalent/Anxious) discussed in the video (3 paragraphs)

3) What are your thoughts on the information provided in the video? Do you agree/disagree? (1 paragraph)

4) Have you noticed any of these patterns/styles in those around you? Be mindful of not disclosing too much personal information. (1 paragraph) (Links to an external site.) PART 2:Please note: the example given is VERY simple and basic. I expect you to put a little more effort into your personal ecomap and how it is presented. You can use whatever medium you choose. You can make it as creative as you like–colors, stickers, photos, drawings, newspaper/magazine clippings (for a collage-type effect)–whatever you like. On the flip side, it can be simple and direct, using only words and the standard eco map style–I just need to see that you put some effort and (most importantly) THOUGHT into your personal ecomap.

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