warehouses management assignment

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In non for profit organizations, warehouses are significant contributors in the system, for a faster and more accurate services to the public there must be an introduction to the latest technologies and the application of eloquent flow of the handled materials. This assignment will be a basic introductory to building a fully working warehousing system that students are expected to implement when graduated in small to medium organizations that suffers a lack of warehouse systems and tight resources to seek expensive professional system installations.

The project should apply the following guidelines to be deemed complete:

– In class every group was assigned a specific industry to design the warehousing system upon.

– Every industry has its own unique product characteristics that must be taken into account while designing the warehouse system.

– Products all over the world must pass through a point called either a warehouse or a distribution system.

– The project focus on small business that lack resources and hired your group to create a sustainable system that help managers make decisions.

– The system is expected to be basic rather innovative due to the lack of resource the company provided you with.

– You only have a smartphone, computer, and an access to Microsoft Excel.

– The warehouse does not have any system to organize the flow of products in and out the warehouse. Currently they use a piece of paper to track all movements of products.

– You are required to design a system that incorporate the following;

o Automation of receiving put away, storing, pickup and dispatch with all related product information from the supplier to the customer.

o Using Excel is important and the functions available in the program to create an orchestrated system with significant improvements to the warehouse you are assigned to develop.


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