research the wall street journal articles by identifying 4 financial modeling terms

Research the Wall Street Journal articles by identifying 4 financial modeling(DDM, IPO, DCF, Gordon model) terms and concepts and explain the importance of these terms to the event reported in the articles. Be as detailed as possible, but think how the Wall Street Journal can help you reinforce your understanding of the concepts covered in class. Attach: name of article, author, date of article and WSJ weblink.

Don’t forget to write your full name, to number the pages and the report to look professional.

Then answer following questions:

1. What do the articles set out to do?

2. What kind of evidence is presented to support the author’s argument? Is it a fact or opinion?

3. How did this class help you prepare your 5 minute elevator speech? to share an event that inspired your financial modeling analysis/research.

5. how to critique a work in progress.

6. how to apply a variety of financial forecasting and valuation techniques

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