sport fundraising plan section 9

Alvin – some of your paragraphs in section 1 still need more thought development and detail (proceeds, venue) and in your volunteer section. Be specific regarding roles and duties and responsibilities.

For sections 7 and 8: What is the dream, you mention? What was that event. Vague writing. What about the status of the organization? Where is it going? How much did those other events (still lack details) raise? Was it an auction? Is this is a dinner or car wash? Be more direct.

The objective of this assignment is to submit your updated fundraising plan with revisions to sections 1 – 6 and your first submission of section 7 (history of the organization and its fundraising programs; internal and external stakeholders; and reflection of the program, where it is, and where it should go) and Section 8 ( specific and realistic start of fundraising process, when will the event take place, when will it finish, and post-event evaluations).

Based on your professor’s feedback, make updates to Sections 1–8 of your sport fundraising plan. Then, complete Section 9, and submit your updated fundraising plan for grading (Sections 1–9 should be included).

Section 9: This section should be a synopsis of the entire fundraising plan. It is completed after all other components of the plan are finalized. The summary is typically the first component looked at by stakeholders; therefore, this is the section where you need to grab the stakeholders’ interest and tell the program’s story. Your summary should be a minimum of one page in length.

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