week 6 km strategies introduction

Week 6: KM Strategies


Let’s say you have decided to make a special meal for your family. Think of the preparations that go into cooking and serving the meal. The preceding weeks in this course functioned exactly the same way. They helped you collate adequate resources and knowledge so that, by the end of this course, you can create a knowledge management (KM) program on your own.

This week, you will learn how to design a KM program for your organization.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this week, you will be able to:

  • Integrate all course concepts into a KM program to meet a need of an organization.

Read through the textbook and focus on the key learnings from the preceding weeks. With these thoughts in mind, please proceed to the Discussion.

Discussion – Week 6


Holistic Model

Recall the holistic model of KM from your previous learning. This model discusses how objectives can be transformed into results. The model suggests that learning is a continuous process. Keeping this in mind, proceed with this

Based on your reading for this week:

What is one area of your organization or department where you can make the biggest difference in performance? Look at the holistic model as discussed in the course text. Are you learning before, during, or after? Do you have a way to routinely capture and refresh the knowledge gained? Who are the people involved? Is there a community that would feel accountable for looking after and sustaining this knowledge?

With these thoughts in mind:

Course Reflection

In today’s fast-moving, rapidly changing world, learning is the key to growth. Organizations that have aligned their work with KM so as to create an organized flow of knowledge, resulting in more with less (more profit from fewer resources), have a competitive edge over other companies. The same is true for individuals who have reaped the benefits of KM in their professional and personal lives.

With these thoughts in mind, write a Reflection paper that summarizes your learning from the readings, research, Applications, and Discussion activities in this course. Your Reflection should include the insight you gained from this course.

The Reflection paper must be substantive and at least 300 words. Cite any references in APA style.

Final Portfolio Project

  • Instructions

    ApplicationFinal Portfolio Project

    The Final Portfolio Project for this course is a 5-page academic research paper. For this assignment, create a KM program for your organization or an organization of your choice from the Internet. The KM program must demonstrate a synthesis of the concepts covered throughout the entire course.

    In this project, you will describe how you would transform an actual organization into a more knowledge-based organization. If you are an actual employee in an organization, then you will likely want to select that organization as the target environment for your project. If you are not employed, you may choose any organization with which you are familiar. This can include an organization of which you are a member or volunteer.

    Please note
    : You will need to write a “prospective” report that describes how you would go about designing a KM system for such an organization if you were given the opportunity. Your report should address the Knowledge Life Cycle and thefour pillars of KM.

    Incorporate the following points into your report:

    1. Describe how you will change the organization to be more aligned with what you believe are the top three principles from second-generation KM.
    2. Propose how you will change the organization to encourage knowledge processing and improve the quality of knowledge in the organization.

    Use APA format to cite sources and write your paper.Refer to the Week6_Guidelines for Assignments document uploaded in the Doc Sharing section of the classroom for complete details of the assignment.

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