identify 1 contemporary issue affecting api women asian pacific islander women

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For this assignment you must identify 1 contemporary issue affecting API women and write up a 1.5 page (1.5 spaced) summary of the issue that you identified. Be sure to address the following questions in your write-up:

 What is the author saying in this article? (Summarize key points)
 Why is this the case and why/how does it matter? (Significance and implications)
 What are the sources of information the author is drawing on to make these claims? (Methods of producing this knowledge)
 What evidence do they provide for the claims they make?
 Any reflections of your own.

You do NOT need multiple academic sources for this project. You can choose a newspaper article discussing recent trends/issues, a study you may have found, a policy paper, a radio show, or other such materials that reveal a trend (not an individual experience) that can be shared with the class. The difference between a trend and an individual experience is that the former indicates a pattern, while the latter is based only on one person’s perspective. If you choose a newspaper article, make sure it is not an opinion of one person but based on statistics, or research that the author has done.

Please include the link to the document you are basing your presentation upon or include a hard copy along with the document if necessary.

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