choose a government policy or current event and analyze it using one or more of the economics tools 1

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Using an essay with a strong thesis statement and specific topic sentences, choose a government policy or current event and analyze it using one or more of the economics tools or concepts we have covered this semester. If you have other thoughts for paper topics, please discuss with me before you get started.

You must write the paper in APA format which should include a title page, main body and a references page; you do not need to include an abstract. To support your arguments, you must include and cite at least 3 scholarly references (peer-reviewed articles, books, government publications, etc.) as primary sources in your paper. Use these sources to support your argument. Your final essay should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words. You need to provide an accurate word count at the end of your paper (word and other writing software typical provide this option).

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You are welcome use other resources to get clear directions on APA guidelines, this is just one suggestion.

This paper assignment will be done in two steps.


You must submit an outline that contains your working thesis statement in the introduction, a topic sentence per body paragraph, and one citation per body paragraph. Also, include at least one bullet point per body paragraph describing more about what your paragraph will discuss and how it proves your topic sentence correct. Include a title and a references page formatted according to APA format. Your thesis statement and topic sentences must be complete sentences. This outline is due on Canvas only (not printed hard copy will be turned in) by the start of class on Tuesday, 11/6/2018. The outline is worth 20% of your paper grade (the total paper grade will represent 15% of your final grade).


The paper (inclusive of outline and final draft) is worth 15% of your final course grade and will be assessed using the rubric that follows. To receive full credit, you must submit the final paper as a hard copy at the start of class on Thursday 11/29/2018 and online through Canvas by the start of class the same day. Ensure your digital and physical copies match identically. Attach a copy of the rubric behind the last page of your essay if you would like me to mark one for you.

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