china in contemporary world question see below

Essay 1 (Three pages): Please explain the dynamics between Chinese government and popular nationalism in the post- Tiananmen era. Use example from course materials to illustrate your points.(Hint : Osnos and lectures)

Essay 2( Three pages): You friend says,” China is an authoritarian state. The party- state exercise absolute control over society and does more complex and nuanced picture earn it comes to the relationship between the Chinese government and the Chinese Public? Please use example to illustrate your points.(Hint: Osnos, Shapiro, and lectures)

Requirement: Your essay should be based on historical evidence drawn from the course material ( Including , lectures,redings, film chips and images). The total length off the two essays ( Double-spaced, font size 12) must not exceed 6 pages.

Citation example: Readings ( Author, page) no citation page required

suggest BOOK :…

Age of ambition by Evan Osnos

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