cmpgt301 week 5 study questions

I need a 100 word or more response to each of the following questions

  • what do you think is the most important aspect of the Strategic Approach to project portfolio management? Use an example, real or hypothetical, for how your chosen aspect plays a key role in your scenario.
  • In your own words, define this approach to project management including a list of the steps. There are many different facets of this methodology. Choose one and explain it for the rest of the class. Examples may include communication planning, demographics, culture, personalities, etc. As usual, draw from your own experience and provide a real or hypothetical example.
  • For this discussion, take the role of project lead in a new sales tracking online system. Let’s say that you work for a nonprofit organization that sells cookies all over the US. Due to government data privacy regulations, you must implement the new system in 60 days. What are your risks, potential pitfalls, and factors you should consider? How would your answer change if you worked for a private small company? How about if you worked for the military and instead of sales you tracked recruitment?

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