design a fashion show

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Make a Presentation

Part 1

The presentation is to create an event. The theme of our event is the opening of UNIQLO’s fashion show. We are going to promote the brand and attract customers.

There are five major parts of the fashion show that we want to arrange: Visual Merchandising, Event manager, Advertising, Merchandising Manage, Marketing, The whole event manage.

Visual Merchandising: the scene layout, the decoration of the show floor and the theme style of the show stand should match the style of Uniqlo. This part has to include: light design, display, window design, package, and logo. It is necessary to have visual picture to show ideas. The colors need to match each other.

Event plan: Planning the entire fashion show process, Meet with the client to understand the purpose of the meeting or activity. The scope of planning activities, including time, location, planning and cost. Check locations to ensure they meet customer requirements. Coordinate activity services such as room, transport and catering. Coordinate details with field staff. Monitor event activity to ensure customer and event participant satisfaction

Advertising: How to promote this brand, and make more people want to buy the clothes from the brand. You can imagine to invite some famous models, stars, or fashion bloggers to let them wear this brand of clothing to promote. You can also make some billboards posted at the intersection, magazines or Internet.

Merchandising Manage: Make a total budget statement. Merchandising Manager is responsible for making decisions related to stocking, pricing and presenting goods in retail stores. They also analyze sales and inventory data to determine consumer preferences that help them decide which items to put on sale or how much of a particular product they should purchase Merchandising managers have to gather demographic data from vendors that is based on the income, average age and sell-through data relevant to the customer base in their store’s area. Merchandising managers analyze this data and use it to assist marketing personnel in Purchasing and presenting items that are likely to sell well in stores.

Marketing: Marketing:Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer, with the customer as the focus of its activities.

The whole event manage (also have to Prepare string words, link each part of the speech): The whole event manager: Introduce the whole project and manage the whole steps for the show, which is like an introduction, summary for the program.

Part 2:

For each of these five parts, prepare a one-page speech draft, each part needs to be written separately. The whole event manage should include a string words to connect each part together.

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