mgmt 280 week 2 response 1

I need to respond to this in A.P.A. format in 300-400 words

Kevin Beckett, the newly appointed president and CEO of R.W. Beckett Corporation has a very important decision to make about the future of his family’s company. The company was started by his grandfather 70 years ago and then efficiently run by his father John, for almost 40 years (Cafferky, 2012). As time changes, so does the challenges that a company faces, and Kevin is facing the decision to outsource some of their manufacturing to China, something the company has never done before. Even though this decision could save the company a significant amount of money, Kevin is concerned that it could negatively affect the corporate culture that his father worked every hard to cultivate. John, through the nearly 40 years that he was president and CEO was a man of faith and wanted his business to reflect this by establishing principles such has “honesty, integrity, service, and quality” (2012) that shaped their corporate culture. Kevin values the Biblical principles and corporate culture that led his family company for years and is wondering how the decision to outsource to China will affect it.

Kevin is correct to assume that this decision will affect their culture in some way, but will it be negative or positive? When one looks at the labor situations in China, it can bring a sick feeling to the stomach, from the child labor, to the forced labor such as brick kiln slavery, forced electronic internships, and withheld wages for construction work already completed are some of the many issues surrounding the ethics of China’s labor force (Bengsten, 2018). The decision to outsource to China would save R.W. Beckett Corporation money, but it will negatively affect their corporate culture and the way people look at them if this situation is not handled correctly. Kevin must ensure the Chinese company they are outsourcing to is ethical. He must also make sure a significant number of faithful employees are not laid off as a result of this decision. Kevin should make sure he is leading from an ethical and Biblical perspective when making this decision, or will it negatively affect his family’s company.


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Cafferky, M. E. (2012). Management: A faith-based perspective. Boston: Person Education.

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