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Volunteer Placement Term Paper Guidelines and Prompt The volunteer placement term paper is a combination of your experience and observations, along with reflections on the textbook, class lectures, and small group discussions. Students are expected to use a minimum of 3 quotations/citations from the readings to define and support the use of social work theories, approaches, values, and practice methods in this term paper. Please note: All term papers must be word processed in APA format and between 6-7 pages NOT including the Title Page and References. All textbook quotations must cite the textbook source, not the chapter outline packet. In addition, there should NOT be any client identifying information within the paper. Each paper is to address the following: Agency Introduction 1. Briefly describe the agency and their mission statement. 2. Describe the target population in detail, including pertinent information related to age, gender, socio-economic status, race, culture, ethnicity, etc. 3. Does the agency respect self-determination? Describe how the agency does or does not uphold self-determination. ● Give one specific example to support your point of view. Theories and Interventions 1. Social Work Theories and Approaches ● Choose two of the following social work theories or approaches and apply them to the work being done at the agency. Give at least one specific example for each theory to illustrate your applications. o 1) The Strengths Perspective, 2) Ecological Systems Theory, 3) Systems Theory, 4) Person-in-the-Environment 2. Social Work Interventions ● Choose at least one social work interventions from your observations of staff or your own volunteer work at the agency and give at least one example of each intervention. o 1) Individual Casework, 2) Case Management, 3) Individual or family counseling, 4) Group work, 5) Client advocacy, 6) Community organizing (to include outreach work and attempts to change social policy or legislation) 3. Effectiveness of the Interventions ● Were these interventions effective or ineffective? Why or why not? ● Be sure to support your statements with at least one example from each of the interventions that you have chosen. Reflections 1. Recommendations for the Agency ● What changes would you suggest to make this agency more successful at delivering services? Give one example. 2. Two-Hour Social Work Observation ● Discuss the two-hour observation of the social worker at the volunteer field placement. Volunteer Placement Term Paper Guidelines and Prompt ● What was your impression of the social worker’s role and effectiveness from your observations? 3. Self-Reflection ● What did you learn about yourself from the volunteer placement experience? ● Discuss how you demonstrated social work practices and ethics. Formatting Requirements 1. 6-7 pages in length 2. Formatting: 1 inch margins, page numbers, double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman and Word processed 3. APA Specific Format: Title Page with Running Head, Reference page, Quotations/Citations properly formatted, In text citations match Reference page Organization, Grammar and Spelling 1. Sentences convey meaning clearly and are grammatically correct 2. Spelling and punctuation are accurate 3. Organization with clear introductory and conclusion sentences


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