summarize and interpret a peer reviewed article that describes a cross cultural difference in some psychological process

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You may choose from one of the articles provided below or find an article on your own.

Formatting and guidelines:

  • The final paper should be:
    • 3-4 pages long
    • Double-spaced
    • Size 12 Times New Roman font
    • 1” margins
  • You are NOT permitted to use any quotes.
    • You will lose points if you include any quotes – Every word you write must be your own
    • Copying/pasting without quotes is still plagiarism! – do not steal words or ideas from other people.
    • Always cite where you got evidence – do not assume facts or state opinions without providing support.
    • If you mention an idea that (a) you did not create yourself, (b) is not common sense, or (c) originated from another study or author, then you need to cite it.
  • Additional help with APA formatting: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Writing quality:

  • Use structure to provide a logical flow
    • Each paragraph should argue for a single point – separate different pieces of your argument into different paragraphs.
    • Order paragraphs logically – new paragraphs build on previous ones to support your main point.
    • Connect the main ideas between paragraphs – use topic sentences and concluding sentences in each paragraph
  • Include relevant content only
    • Your goal is to interpret the article – the summary merely provides a basis for your argument.
    • Do not focus on enumerating technical details that are irrelevant to your main point.
    • See specific instructions below for what should be included in the summary) – if it’s not in the rubric, don’t include it.
  • Properly substantiate your arguments
    • Do not make claims or assumptions without providing support – prove your point; don’t just state an opinion.
    • Provide a brief explanation of the cited studies – it should be clear what the findings were and how it relates to your point.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar
    • No run-on sentences!
    • Numerous typos are distracting and indicate carelessness/laziness – check your work.

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The paper will be graded based on the Rubric: WA #2 Rubric.docx. It may be helpful to use the rubric directly to structure your paper.

  • Define and summarizethe specific psychological process, behavior, or phenomenon that is investigated in your article. You should clearly identify and explain the necessary psychological concepts. The descriptions should be related to theory and include enough detail so that a naïve reader could fully understand the topic of the article.
  • Identify the featuresof the groups (cultures) that are being compared in the study. Are these people from different countries? If so, what countries? Are they groups within the same country who are raised within separate subcultures or communities? Describe the groups in enough detail so that it is clear where they were recruited and how they differ from each other.
  • Describe the findingsof the study. How do people from these different groups or cultures behave or think differently? Identify exactly which behaviors or responses were measured and the differences that were observed.
  • Explain the findings. Whyare these groups different? Use psychological theories to explain why these groups differ in behavior, perceptual processes, or other psychological phenomenon. Describe the unique life experiences, backgrounds, or prior learning that presumably accounts for the observed findings.
  • When you have completed the assignment and submitted it on canvas, double-check your submission to make sure everything was processed successfully.

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