digital logic vhdl coding lab report

I need a VHDL coding lab report for digital logic course.

I will assign what we did in the class as a sample and I will assign the lab manual for this lab and u have to follow the format very well.

Link to sample VHDL completed in class (fall 2018:

Link to sample VHDL completed in lab (fall 2017):

Link to sample VHDL completed in lab (spring 2018):

these are some symbol links for the VHDL Codes

Instructions for lab:

In this lab, you are asked to implement and simulate your equation from Lab 1 circuit in VHDL (Structural programming style only) using or similar. Submit the following to me, with descriptions of each section:

– Schematic, labeled with the signals, ports and entities to be used. Labels must match your implementation.

– VHDL design and testbench files, using structural programming.


NO Plagiarisim

NO Uses of Internet

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