public policy analysis 11

Final Project Abstract

The Assignment this week will provide you with the opportunity to create a roadmap to clarify the direction you are going with your Final Project. You will create an organized overview of the work you have done to date and gauge your progress so far. Your summary of the scope of the public policy problem, and noting the selected scholarly support, will guide your continued efforts for the project and show evidence that you have explored the scope of the problem and considered the research. Based on what you have discovered at this point, consider how your chosen recommendation about the problem is forming. While you may be set in your thinking about your selected public policy problem, your recommendation may change during your investigation of additional resources.

Submit to your Instructor a 2- to 3-page paper that includes:

  • Three or four alternative ways to tackle the public policy problem you selected
  • A total of 10–12 scholarly resources published within the past five years that will inform and support your recommendations (cite resources in APA style)
  • Your chosen recommendation to the decision-maker

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