critical organization essay

Half of it is done!!! read below and check the document

Write a critical organization essay that engages the broader context surrounding one of the field sites or case studies introduced in class. The essay should follow this format

  1. Presenting Problem organization is trying to address
  2. Root Problem organization is trying to address
  3. Organization’s Theory of Change
  4. Organization’s primary goal
  5. Strengths and Weaknesses in the organization’s efforts
  6. [PESTEL] Opportunities and Threats in the broader environment
  7. Final analysis (important part 1 full page at least)
    1. Is KFG a Social Innovation, according to your definition?
    2. Is their theory of change properly matched with their efforts?
    3. Are there other ways to solve the problem?
    4. Is this really a problem?

    >>>>>>>>>>>>> 1900 WORDS <<<<<<<<<<<

I chose ” Workshop for Warriors”, i will attach a document that includes answers and bullet points to all the information and data answering questions 1-6, I just need someone to expand this file into 1900 words and to answer number 7 i basically did the assignment but i don’t know how to get to 1900 words

i will also attach the website for the organization to help better your understanding of it

no citation required

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