communication and research in cybersecurity

Many industrial control systems are moving toward an Internet protocol (IP)-based system, such as the electric grid moving toward smart grids or commercial facilities moving toward smart buildings. Assume the role of a particular critical infrastructure company, and write a paper (3-5 pages) on how or why information sharing can be positive or detrimental to your particular business. Document the reasons and assumptions for your conclusions. Consider existing laws and regulatory compliance related to your particular entity.

  • You must choose a critical infrastructure that is in the process of moving to IP-based communications and research the cybersecurity challenges that particular critical infrastructure will face.
  • Consider also the security protocols that must be considered to migrate to an IP-based system.

Sources may include the following:

  • Essential federal, state, and local information
  • Professional and academic reports
  • Web sites
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs, publications, or other reference sites

***Include references

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