humanity paper 2

Drawing from at least 3 of the readings from the course (which I will include in the attachment). write a 1,000-1,250 max word self reflexive, critical essay that examines how you previous educational experience have influenced your perceptions, actions, and roles in the world. You should consider not only formal educational experiences, but also family expectations; uncomfortable or exhilarating encounters with new people or cultures; and salient aspects of their social position and identity. In other words, this essay should serve as an opportunity for you to reflect on how your educational background has shaped your positionality. In writing this essay, you should seek to achieve a balance between autobiographical storytelling and self-reflexive analysis, with the help of different theories from the readings.

Below in the attachment will be the full prompt and the 3 articles that you need to INCLUDE and relate to when writing this paper.

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