community functional mobility analysis trip to the mall diagnosis left cva with right hemiplegia

Diagnosis : Left CVA with Right Hemiplegia

Assignment Objective (s):

The student will demonstrate proficiency in applying Activity Analysis to a wheelchair activity that requires propulsion and mobility throughout a mall or shopping center

* Student will engage in IADLS:

-Shopping – Functional Mobility to include: – Accessing the elevator – Other functional mobility related activities

– Car transfer – Accessing a water fountain – Accessing the restroom

* The student will be assigned the above described functional activity which they will perform resembling a patient with a pre-determined diagnosis and disability

*Student will analyze the functional activity outcome and submit a written assignment utilizing the following structure.

– Description of the activity(including listing the most significant steps).

– Analysis of client factors and performance skills.

– Demands and requirements of the activity.

– Environmental and physical context assessment.

– List of recommendations that are evidence based.

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