internet of things iot proposal paper

Prepare a 5-7 page paper about IoT(Internet of Things). The market I use Is Business and Home Automation. My proposal product is a outdoor camera device. I’ve already started the paper just ran into the issues of answering the following questions below listed in bold.


Proposal of an Internet of Things product:

What is the IoT proposed product?

Provide the statement of need for the IoT product.

What else is offered similar to the proposed IoT product in the market?

How is your proposed IoT idea better or different? Identify the qualities that make the IoT product better or different than other products.

Description of your chosen market that could benefit from an IoT product:

Does the IoT product

solve a problem for the market,

enhance exiting processes,

improve existing products, or

provide a new product offering?

Identify how the IoT product supports electronic commerce, business-to-business electronic commerce, or business-to-consumer electronic commerce in the market?

Identification of both pros and cons for the proposed IoT product (see the “Pros and Cons of IoT” diagram above).

What are the pros of the proposed IoT product?

What are the cons of the proposed IoT product?


Reference List

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