linguistics textbooks review 1

I want you to compare and contrast 4 chapters of different four textbooks. The chapters I want you to work with are about Language acquisition. Your job is to describe each chapter in 2 pages. 8 pages in total. This is for teaching purposes. The main goal behind this assignment is to find out which textbook covers the most and as a result better for use as a resource in teaching. If you cannot do the job properly, don’t bid. I won’t pay for sloppy work. You can ask any question you have to facilitate your job. Again, I want you to go thru these files that are attached and write a 2 page description of this chapter. So, you will describe what is mentioned in the chapter (using terminologies for the chapter itself).

If you are not a linguist, please don’t bother to bid. I am sorry. I have clear expectation.

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