business continuity and disaster recovery 6

Identify the processes associated with business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Specifically discuss the following.

1. Write an introduction describing what contingency planning is, why it is necessary, and introduce the subordinate functions (i.e., BIA, IRP, DRP, BCP).

2. Describe in sequence, BIA, IRP, DRP, and BCP. Make sure each description transitions to the next function. For example, when describing BIA transition to describing IRP by discussing their relationship. Continue this transitions in this manner for all for functions.

3. Write a conclusion or summary paragraph (or two) that reiterates the importance of contingency planning and provides the reader with resources they can use when planning for contingencies. Do not refer readers to the textbook.

Write a 6-7 pages of content. The page count does not include cover pages, pictures/graphics, or reference pages. A reference page is required listing a minimum of four sources you used to construct your paper. Use in-text citations as appropriate.

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