week 7 discussion 13

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I wanted to make sure you gain all the points you can for this week’s post and according to the Rubric please make sure you do the following:

  1. Tell us about your company or product. What is your unique selling proposition? How do you distinguish your product or company from your competitors?
    1. Review your company/product
    2. Provides USP for product/company (unique selling proposition is your brand’s competitive advantage which captures why a customer would buy from you and not your competitor)
    3. Describes competitors’ product/ company
    4. Provides why your USP will help your company standout from the competition.
    5. Providing a real life example in the comparison would be helpful.
  2. Now, think about how to communicate this information using the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) principle. Describe your ad and promotion.
    1. Describe an ad and your promotional ideas that communicate your competitive advantage
    2. Use AIDA – describe how you would draw attention, interest, desire, and action (be specific and use text book for clarity)
      1. Attention:
      2. Interest:
      3. Desire:
      4. Action:
    3. Why is this relevant to the target market?
  3. How would you vary your ad for different media platforms? How would you vary the schedule to air it for maximum coverage with minimal expense?
    1. Use different media in describing the promotion (print ads, TV, social media (email campaigns, community boards, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), billboards, signage, etc.).
    2. Describes how to vary the airing schedule
    3. Why this plan is significant to the target market(s).
  4. Be free from grammar, spelling, or other formatting mistakes.
  5. Respond to a peer, add content or questions to further the discussion. Remember to name your peer in your response.

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